Thing 2 – Thoughts about web 2.0

My initial thoughts about web 2.0 was ” I want to be able to understand all these terms like blogging, wikis and also learn to do things to do in “Internet Land” that I hear people speak about”  I was a bit apprehensive about freely writing my thoughts.  But, this is the 21st century right?  so what am I afraid of? My students seem to be so more tech savvy that I am, so it is now my turn to come up to speed with what they know and maybe teach them a thing or two more!! I am open to learning everything that I can so that I can engage my students.

Thing #1 – Which habits may be the most challenging will be Habit #6 – Using technology to your advantage.  I don’t consider myself tech savvy at all and being a part of the web 2.0 class will definitely be a learning experience.  I am up for the challenge though!!

The habit that I consider to be the easiest is habit # 1 – Begin with the end in mind – As I begin this journey, my goal is to understand everything and every task that I have to undertake and be successful.  At the end of this class I want to be able to say that I did it and did it well!!

The most important habit as I go through this course will be habit # 2 – Accept responsibility for your own learning.  Although I think that this habit will also be challenging, I think that it is the most important for me.  I will charge myself for being responsible, staying on task and learning as much as I possibly can, so that I can share this knowledge with others.

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