Thing #4

#9 – Myth of the Digital native

Delicious? Never heard of it. Twitter yes.  I too, am guilty of thinking that most if not all of my students were digital natives and that they just knew so much!! After reading this piece I realized that it was really not so.  But at the same time I relied on students, and relatives to solve some of my technological dilemmas and they usually did to my delight.

#24 – Students, Information & schools

I agree 100% that students that I am in contact with do copy and paste.  They actually feel that it’s the only way to do research from the internet. Reading, researching and organizing information seems to be soooo tedious to hear them say it.  Plagiarizing??? They think if the information is on the web it’s ok for them to copy, paste and present as their work. I say, us teachers have a lot of work to do!!

# 15 – Spies like us –

This is a scary and very serious situation today.  Using the cellphone to cheat on tests, spy and record teachers, as well as classmates is so common.  But on the other hand, with cellphones so popular today, I agree that denying students the use of cellphones will soon be out of the question.  There is good that comes out of cellphone use but using the cellphone for negative uses can bring about devastating results.  The statement ” We are to teach as if we are being watched at all times” should be the mantra of all teachers henceforth.

#1 – Why don’t I assign homework –

I don’t think that assigning  homework is always necessary.



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