Thing 23: Where do we go from here?

Overall this was a really interesting experience for me.  I learned so many new tools for educating my students I am so empowered.  It opened me up to more global educational experiences.  this is one which I can feel free to share, invite and collaborate with colleagues not only in my district, but across the globe.  We all share the same passion for teaching, and now I can connect on a wider basis.  I am inspired to create lesson plans that now include new and fun ways to reach my students and share with my colleagues.  They will be truly be amazed when my teachings will include youtube, podcasts, twitter, etc. all in the name of classwork 🙂


Thing 22: Step into the Stream… Try Twitter

My twitter experience was interesting. I was surprised to see how many people are on it, and also how frequently it is used. There are celebrities like Lady Gaga that have millions of followers. I found that twitter is used locally and globally by educators sharing information or viewing each others’ information.  It’s quick, easy and fun, and will help me to connect better with my students and colleagues.

Thing #21: Map your Learning with Google Maps

I chose Map custom map “C”, and created my own custom map, outlining a Walking tour of Camden, NJ.  The walking tour started from Camden High School with the final destination at Wiggins Waterfront Park.  Students will have lots of fun creating their own maps.  One project could be as simple as mapping out their own walking or driving trip from home to school; using a direct route and a casual route, with stops along the way.

Thing # 20 – Google docs

Google docs/google drive was not difficult.  Creating a document was a bit trying, as I had to think about something to share and I had a bit of a block.  Anyway I got through it. Google docs could be useful for student collaboration on projects.  It will be certainly good for organizing my many word documents, and sharing strategies with my colleagues.


Thing # 19 Intro to Video sharing/ You Tube


Exploring You tube was relaxing.  I visited You tube before but did not search for anything in particular.  I found some exciting videos.  The videos weren’t long, so I did not mind watching. I am not a tv person so watching short videos was good for me.  I can certain use videos for instruction in my classes.  I will introduce short video production presentation on various subject areas. Students can work on ideas such as fun things like vacation funnies, poem, stories, how to etc.

Trinidad and Tobago the True Caribbean




Thing # 18 – Screencasting



Exploring podcasting making was a bit of an experience for me. I visited Mindshift: How we will learn.  I had recently learned of Flipping the classroom and this will be introduced by some teachers this coming year at my school.  I don’t know much about this “new tool”, but some say that it reverses the way teachers traditionally teach.  I believe that some content areas do need direct instruction and as such flipping the classroom will not suffice. But, at the same time flipping could offer extra time to students who may take longer to absorb material after classroom instruction. These students may show greater retention abilities after being able to view video at home.

Screen casting would encourage students to be more comfortable speaking to an audience. They would be able to share learning and critique their peers while collaborating on projects.

Thing # 17 – Intro to Podcasting – ITunes

I previewed the “Culture Connect” podcast featured in the K-12 Education category on I-Tunes (it was a free podcastJ).  It featured Palestinian jazz musicians at a musical workshop, hosted by the late Dr. Billy Taylor.  It is good for interactive learning.  This is my first time using ITunes, and I don’t have an IPod or MP3 player; however I might be encouraged to buy these, after exploring this neat tool!

Thing # 16 – Social Networking in Education


Visiting Classroom 2.0’s website  proved to be an interesting exploration into the benefits of social networking, as an education tool.  These online forums allow me to keep up to speed with useful, instructional strategies. This site also has many educational options and resources posted by educators, nation-wide.  This website link is an example of the many options available,  In today’s technology age, we educators really need to tap into how are students communicate and socialize, and therefore create innovative ways to educate them.

Thing # 8 – It’s a Wiki Wiki World

Reading Vicki Davis’ blog post Wiki Wiki Teaching was interesting.  I do think that there definitely a wiki in my future.  I especially was captivated by Dr. Theodore Baer’s  report “Million Dollar Baby movie” on Euthanasia.

The project Censorship and Responsibility was good.  The fact that this encouraged and empowered to build, collaborate and assess their learning.  Wiki spirit encourage diversity, character building, fairness,  also accepting criticism and trust.

Great debate 2008.  This project engaged the students and encouraged them to research political issues, learn about and give their views on national issues, share information with other students in the project. I also visited OK2Ask, although I did not sign up I thought that this was very good.